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—Learn How To Conduct A Real Estate Settlement—
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This training course is designed to be viewed through our on demand training platform.  You can play, pause, exit and restart your training as many times as you need by accessing the link that will be provided.  The course will be available for 6 months after the date of purchase.  If you are just starting your career as a settlement officer, this training course is a must have.  The training provides:

Overview of the settlement process

Practical tips for conducting settlements

Sample script for when speaking with clients 

✔Sample settlement package

The sample closing package comes in PDF format and is downloadable. The information can serve as a point of reference even after you complete the on demand training.  The sample package contains the most common documents found in a settlement package, including the following: 

The promissory note

The deed of trust

✔The closing disclosure form

The escrow disclosure statement 

The right to cancel more  

And more  

The package should be reviewed several times over prior to conducting your first settlement.  It will provide you with a jump start and information that you will not find in ANY title insurance pre-licensing education courses.  The training and sample settlement package is available for only $69.00.      

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and Sample Closing Package for Just $79

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